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17-Sep-2020  /   Automobile
Drop In Material Wastage To Spur The Automotive 3D Printing Market

Three-dimensional printing or additive printing technology enables the manufacturers to make models using a range of printing substances. Although 3D printing technology is in its budding phase in the automotive segment, the technology is anticipated to get a grip in the near future. The materials utilized for automotive 3D printing consist of a variety of types of ceramics, metals, polymers, a ...

13-Jul-2020  /   Machinery and Tools
Manufacturing Sector Impacted, Overall Industrial Production Slowed By 2.2%

In the manufacturing and mining sector, due to the decline in production of consumer products, the growth in industrial production declined to 2.2% in October. This is the minimum level of industrial production increase in last three months.

According to the figures released by the Central Statistics Office today, industrial production growth was 4.2% in October last year. In Septembe ...

13-Jul-2020  /   Others
Supply Chain And Logistics Sector Will Be The Key Driver For Job Market

There has been a drastic fluctuation in the employment ratio. A specific drop in the recruitment sector has been witnessed. But the picture in the logistics and supply chain seems to be different, as the sector is expected to create a considerable number of jobs in the coming period. The projection is based on the two big government moves buoyed by the companies and the expenditure of spending ...

12-Jul-2020  /   Consumer Goods & Retailing
Rising Trend to Quit Smoking May Boost the E-Cigarette Market

Electronic cigarettes were brought to the market in 2004 by Chinese entrepreneurs. Electronic cigarettes are getting popularity around the globe as a substitute to conventional tobacco-filled cigarettes. These are battery-operated tools consisting of liquid nicotine that is dissolved in a propylene glycol and water solution. They heat the liquid en ...

25-Feb-2019  /   Chemicals & Materials
Microsoft And Walgreen Alliance To Help Healthcare Market To Propel

The alliance between two or more unrelated business organizations has been pushing the market to the next level by supporting each other. Currently, Amazon has been expanding its business into different markets at global level comprising its e-commerce business, cloud computing, and healthcare also. Amazon is frightening above mentioned markets-based players to tie up for future survival.

25-Feb-2019  /   Chemicals & Materials
New Turmeric Product Is Going To Enter The Global Spices Market

An innovative agricultural product prepared from turmeric, specifically grown in Belize, has entered the market with high customer demand. The product is gaining popularity in Canada and other regions of the Caribbean, along with Belize. This might facilitate the steep growth of global spices market. This discovery will not only expand the agricultural market capitalization but also increase th ...

13-Feb-2019  /   Food & Beverage
Drop In Cashew Export Owing To Quality Issues Likely To Hamper Cashew Market Growth

A major glut along with poor turnover was confronted by merchants, traders, farmers, and other financiers in the cashew market in Kogi State in the 2018 farming season caused by heavy losses summed over N50 Billion. Kogi is the largest cashew-making state in Nigeria, shipping around 100 metric tonnes of cashew nuts out of the 220 metric tonnes exported by the whole nation yearly.

13-Feb-2019  /   Machinery and Tools
Entrance Of 5G Technology To Shape The Consumer Insights Of Consumer Electronic Market

The year 2019 should be an important year for consumer technology, with the launch of the first 5G compatible smartphones, AI consumer applications, autonomous cars, 8K resolution TVs, and others.

05-Feb-2019  /   Business Services & Administration
Due To Government Shutdown And Other Issues US Labor Market Remains Strong

Reportedly, in the last week, the number of Americans applying for unemployment profits reduced to over a 49-Year low, but the decline likely states the health of the labor market as alleges for many states counting California. Still, conditions for this remain strong, which for present should aid to temper fears of a pointed slowdown in economic development. The U.S. economy is going through s ...

05-Feb-2019  /   Chemicals & Materials
Establishment Of New Plants By Ineos To Bring Up New Opportunities For Chemicals Market

A noteworthy transformation has been observed in the recent past within the global chemicals market. And various prominent as well as budding companies are contributing to the growth of the market. Another such addition is by the Ineos that is intending to establish a new ethane cracker unit and a PDH (propane dehydrogenation) plant in Port of Antwerp, Belgium.