Mobile Laboratories Focus on Booming Global Viral Clearance Market

Posted on: Jan-2019 | By: Reports Buzz | Medical Devices

Lately, the plant virology is being taken seriously due to the increased cases of the virus-related epidemic. In order to try out its hand, a squad from CIRAD has used nanopore technology to sequence the complete genomes of two yam RNA viruses. Even though this is not widely used, it is probably assumed to be the best molecular biology technique that can pave the way for new techniques for ground diagnosis of the human, plant, and animal diseases. The mobile laboratories use new nanopore technology owing to its atomic-scale activity and work of precision in terms of diagnosis, and thus is a golden spoon for the global viral clearance market.

The novel measly, high-throughput, and portable sequencing method can help diagnose viruses in the mobile laboratories dealing with viruses including Zika and Ebola. This technology helps detect the viruses at the early stage and within a limited time span, which is quite beneficial to avoid further transfer of the contaminated samples. The mobile laboratories compatibility with the technology aids in sequencing lengthy nucleotide sequences and also gives it a go owing to sequencing the entire viral genome. The global viral clearance market, according to a virologist Philippe Roumagnac, is surely going to help the market as the CIRAD is one of the best in plant virology. The few hours of sequencing in the mobile laboratories using the new technique is worth the wait.

The epidemiosurveillance networks are also benefited from the mobile laboratories owing to quicker diagnosis of viruses. The human virology will definitely benefit from the mobile laboratories technique in real-time with the goal of chronic, nomadic, or budding plant viruses mobile detection even in the far off areas. The sampling and diagnosis time reduction is a boom for the global market.