Supply Chain And Logistics Sector Will Be The Key Driver For Job Market

 Posted on: Jul-2020 |  By: Reports Buzz | Others

There has been a drastic fluctuation in the employment ratio. A specific drop in the recruitment sector has been witnessed. But the picture in the logistics and supply chain seems to be different, as the sector is expected to create a considerable number of jobs in the coming period. The projection is based on the two big government moves buoyed by the companies and the expenditure of spending some investment to hire the top talent in the function.

The key focus of the companies is to hire the experts with an experience of 5–8 Years in the logistics and supply chain domain. They are also placed at the middle management positions in companies across other sectors. One of the other trends that have impacted the job and other supportive markets is freshly graduated students are opting to do freelancing for the companies and assisting them to acclimatize the new technology such as big data and artificial intelligence. And as per the industry analyst, the paychecks value for the same is approximately Rs 80 Lakh annually.

Director at global recruitment firm Michael Page, Pranshu Upadhyay stated that Middle and senior management positions with specific skill sets are offered with the packages that higher by 25% compared to the average pay for the same position in the logistics field.

He also added that the contractual based hired graduates play a crucial role in the interfaces amid the new technology, companies, and automation partners to handle supply chain and logistics chain efficiently.

He estimated that as present in India, there are about 100,000 logistics and supply chain professionals that have an income ranging Rs 5 Lakh to 1 Crore annually. These digits have increased positively multiple times in the last recent years. This ratio is also estimated to grow up to 8% per year for the upcoming five years.