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15-Oct-2018  /   Technology
Rising Recognition Of Femtosecond Lasers To Boost The Ophthalmic Laser Market

The ophthalmic laser is the type of medical tool that utilizes a source of the laser beam to aim the ophthalmic cells in order to operate ophthalmic disorders. The laser is a source of monochromatic, directional, coherent light that is specifically concentrated onto a minor mark. This ophthalmic laser source is an appropriate device for numerous therapeutic processes and clinical diagnostic pro ...

12-Oct-2018  /   Food Service & Hospitality
VAT Inclusion In The UAE May Impact Gold Market In Terms Of Export Figures

According to industry executives, all gold jewelry sold in Dubai is expected to cost 5% but no VAT will be levied on 24-carat gold bars. According to the VAT Guidelines, there will be no VAT on 99% of Gold Trade in International Markets.

18-Jul-2018  /   Automobile
Tvs Keenly Focusing On Global Premium Bike Market

These changes in the organization were in a position a few months back prior to the introduction of a new bike. The all-new 310 RR that is the result of the joint development with BMW is expected to see various iterations in the coming future.

18-Jul-2018  /   Food & Beverage
Packaged Food Market Flooded With Fake Brands To Escape GST

Brand duplication was earlier a painstaking menace, and now it has turned out to be more uncontrolled under GST. The law is straightforwardly favorable for the perpetrators who can easily surpass the punishment.

18-Jul-2018  /   Automobile
Uptake In Car Sales Driving The Growth Graph Of The Automobile Market

This has led to the expected increase in car sales by the end of the current financial year. However, a big reason for the growth in November is smoothness in trade and transactions compared to November of last year, which was severely impacted by due to demonetization.