Rapid Growth Predicted For Data Center Industry To Drive The Global Market

 Posted on: Jan-2019 |  By: Reports Buzz | IT & Telecommunications

At the current stage, the necessity to boost storage capacity has turned into a kind of priority for all large companies. The number of clients and applications that consume a lot of data continues to grow, with optimism around the cloud and the big data explosion. So it's not surprising that CIOs and CTOs are always looking for new places where large amounts of data can be stored and used efficiently and securely. Obviously, the data center market has every reason to be optimistic about the viewpoint for the industry.

In tune with global trends, the Indian data center market is fueled by the positive sentiment of the economy and the strong recovery of growth-related projects in sectors such as banks, insurance, telecommunications and government. According to research firm Gartner, India's data center infrastructure market, including servers, networking equipment, and storage, will spur by 5.4% in 2015 to $2.03 Billion.

As mobile telephony is experiencing unprecedented growth in the number of users, the spectrum auction is underway and the National Optic Fiber Network (NOFN) is rapidly deployed, the demand for data center solutions and the data center infrastructure will increase significantly. Companies such as IBM, Teradata, HP, SAP, Oracle, Amazon, EMC, Google, Microsoft, Avaya, VMware, and Cisco see good business prospective in India. At the time of India’s visit, Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella announced that the company would install a local data center in India. Microsoft has determined to spend Rs 1,400 Crore for the creation of three data centers in Chennai, Mumbai, and Pune.

Taking into consideration of demand from various industries and the globalization of core player activities, the future of the data center market in India is on the rise, in 2014, Microsoft announced.