Windows XP Security Patches That Curb The Wannacry Kind Of Attacks To Boost The Global Cybersecurity Market

Microsoft one of the top multinational technology-based companies has been under the scanner of criticism after the WannaCry ransomware attack. They have been blamed for not providing the security patches for free which resulted in the ransomware attack. However, after the criticism, the company has taken the matter seriously and for now provides it latest updated version with security patches. These security patches help protect the computers against the ransomware attacks such as WannaCry and even against the cyber attacks by the certain government organizations (nation-state actors or copycat organizations).

Windows XP Security Patches

Microsoft has taken the decision of providing the earlier versions with security patches as well so as to help curb such attacks. But the much older computers and operating software have to be given up in order to stay protected from the cyber attacks in the future. The security patch included in the updated version will help to boost the global cybersecurity market to a great extent.

Looking at the recent WannaCry ransomware attack that had affected around 150 countries and 2,000,00 computers, the need for a good security measure has increased. The global market is thus hunting down every nook and corner to find out a better means of protecting the computers from being attacked in the future. Thus, the use of the up-to-date systems in comparison to the older systems so as to stay away from such attacks is a must.

The latest advancements and security features are of utmost importance for the global market to avoid such cyber attacks and which Microsoft plans to provide now. The global cybersecurity market is currently the topmost priority of the technology companies. Microsoft Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 have been updated and have new security patches installed so as to curb the destructive cyber attacks.

Microsoft is, in short, trying to bolster the global market by advancing its Windows or adding patches for safety. The company has taken the pro-active step for security enhancement and has further also found out measures for the unsupported versions.

So do stay tuned to get more updates on the security patches affect on the global market in the long run.