National Family Health Survey Data Releases: ‘79% Women, 78% Men Want A Daughter’

As per the recent data released by NFHS (National Family Health Survey) that women aged nearly 15–49 and men aged about 15–54 in India wants to have one daughter. As per the survey specific to India, it was interesting that the lower caste and economically suffering people are urging to have at least one daughter that includes Scheduled Tribes, Muslims, Rural people, Scheduled Caste and other.

National Family Health Survey Data Releases

The survey by NFHS indicates that the graph for wanting a daughter has increased from 2005-2006 amongst which 65% men and 74% women were recorded for the desire to have a daughter. Although, the rise for daughter is improving there is still evidence for preferring sons. Nearly 81% of women in rural areas and 75% in urban areas desire for a daughter; this ratio is higher where 85% of illiterate women as compared to nearly 72% educated women (passed HSC).

In case of men, nearly 75% of men from urban areas and 80% from rural areas desire for a daughter. Again illiterate men nearly 83% desire for a daughter in contradiction of educated men who have completed schooling amount to nearly 74%.

There has been an improved% for wanting a daughter in Hindu with 79%, Muslim with 81% and Neo-Buddhist or Buddhist with 79%. More than 70% of women in other religions wish for a daughter. These figures are nearly similar amongst the men for wishing to have a daughter. In men, nearly 78% of Hindu, 81% of Muslim and 77% in Neo-Buddhist or Buddhist wish to have a girl child. With regards to the wealth, nearly 1/5th of the poorest men (85%) and women (86%) wishes for a girl child while 72% of the richest men and only 73% of the richest women wanted one daughter.