Geindia To Launch The Web Tool To Digitalize All Dam Related Data

The two-day IDSC (International Dam Safety Conference) started on Tuesday in Thiruvananthapuram at Kerala is expected to experience a launch of a software program and safety guidelines for 7 dams by the Center. The software program is named as DHARMA (Dam Health and Rehabilitation Monitoring Application). The conference is one-of-its-kind in India and is aimed at focusing on the up-gradation of the old dams in India as well as in the globe with advanced technology.

Geindia To Launch The Web Tool To Digitalize All Dam Related Data

Across the globe, after the USA and China, India is at 3rd position regarding a large number of dams. India has 447 huge dams under construction and 5254 huge dams in operation with 283 BCM (Billion Cubic Meters) of total water storage capacity. Almost 80 percent of these huge dams are as old as 25 years old. Nearly 213 dams have been constructed in an era of which the safety consideration and design practices do not match the present safety and design standards. These old build dams are as old as 100 years and more.

An official commenting on the issue mentions that these old-built dams are experiencing operational issues, structural deficiencies while also creating difficulties in monitoring them. The official further explains that these old dams need special rehabilitation attention while considering the safety of the structure for the long term.

The Dam Health and Rehabilitation Monitoring Application is a web-based tool for storing all the data related information digitally. This will help the concerned authorities to take the needed rehabilitation actions for specific old dams in the country by evaluating the authentic information on the structural and safety norms documented at DHARMA.

The aim behind the web tool is to awaken the organizational and individual capacities in improving the dams professionally and scientifically which comes under their authority to prevent the untimely disaster while enjoying the advantages of the dams, as per an official.

The delegates from all over the world are part of this unique Conference. From over 20 countries, delegates nearly 550 from Spain, the USA, Switzerland, Canada, Australia and others are present.